Window Cleaning Services, Manchester

Ferguson Cleaning Services specialise in all aspects of commercial window cleaning services in Greater Manchester, Stockport and surrounding areas.

We service all aspects of windows, UPVC and facade cleaning by using the very latest in cleaning technology. We can access any building in a safe and controlled manner using traditional ladders, Reach and Wash system, Cherry-picker and Abseiling.


Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

At Ferguson Cleaning Services, we employ the latest window cleaning technology to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible. The patented Reach and Wash System allows us to clean windows to an exceptional level of clarity, even in hard to reach places. This innovative gives our professional commercial cleaning team superb flexibility while simultaneously providing an improved clean for your windows.

How it works

The Reach and Wash System is essentially an extendable water-fed pole with a soft filament brush on the end of it. It may sound simple but this system has revolutionised the way that commercial window cleaning takes place.

The lightweight extendable pole delivers water to the brush and allows our operatives to clean your windows from ground level, up to a height of 50 feet. You can exceed this height but the effectiveness of the cleaning deteriorates beyond this level.

Because the pole holds a soft filament brush and, this system is extremely kind to surfaces, making it a great choice for heritage or unique buildings.

The real innovation with the Reach and Wash System comes with how pure water is used to clean the surface. By ‘pure’ water, we mean completely de-ionised water, water in its purest form. Before we carry out any Reach and Wash work comprehensive site-specific Risk Assessments are completed.

Health & Safety

We recognise the importance of the quality of our work that’s why our fully uniformed and professional commercial window cleaning team are fully trained, insured and comply with all the latest Health & Safety regulations.

Our aim is to deliver total customer satisfaction by providing our clients with the highest standard of workmanship possible. Through this philosophy we have built up many long lasting relationships with our clients.

Ferguson Cleaning Services Ltd are members of the Federation of Window Cleaners. We are also CHAS certified.

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  1. Load of bollocks, complete lie,s, this company sent a enhanced dbs check in the wrong persons name because the actual guy cleaning the windows would not of been allowed in site if they knew the truth, and thats the tip of the iceberg, health and safety does not exist nor training, all that matters is money regardless, fact

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